Add this healthy recipe to your diet plan for boosted immunity

Eating raw vegetables could make you feel uneasy and lacks taste. Lentils, on the other hand, can only be consumed when boiled properly. Some like it boiled and some with added ingredients. To make your evening dinner tasty, try out the Vegan lentil soup recipe. It is guaranteed that from children to adults, everybody is going to enjoy the taste and flavor. Some parents have a habit of giving healthy food items to their children, for that they find the best source of protein and other vital nutrients. This rich vegan lentil soup is the best source of all the vital nutrients needed for growth and a healthy immune system. Lentils are obtained from a plant which has thick outgrowth. Whether it’s a holiday or any other day, you can have this tasty vegan lentil soup on a regular basis. It is easy to prepare and the ingredients needed are easily available. You can purchase the items needed from any vegetable shop or market. The ingredients are available throughout the year and do not empty your pockets.

Those who find it difficult to prepare the vegan lentil soup could read the article or just click on the link provided. You will be guided with each step to prepare your lentil soup. It’s not a matter of time it’s the matter of basics which is important to accomplish the task.

Without further ado let’s bring to you the guidelines for preparing vegan lentil soup:

Ingredients needed:

  • One or two onions, fully chopped.
  • Approximately 55ml of oil(virgin oil can be used)
  • Seasonal veggies like carrots, minced
  • Garlic cloves(one or two)
  • Oregano to taste
  • Basil, approximately one teaspoon
  • Tomatoes
  • Two to three cups of lentils
  • Six to seven cups of water
  • Spinach sliced and chopped
  • Vinegar if needed
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Spices
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD

Properly stir the lentils and add water as well as a few drops of Full Spectrum CBD oil. Add tomatoes and boil for an hour. Ground spinach can be stirred in when the soup is all set to serve. Vinegar, salt, pepper can be added according to your taste.

The taste varies depending upon your skills. It is you who could prepare the best recipe. The veggies are the best source of essentials vitamins. Children are prone to many diseases caused by lack of nutrition. Serve them this vegan lentil soup for a yummy end of the day.

Benefits of this recipe are numerous, read below:

  • Presence of polyphenols: Polyphenols are the compound which protects the body against the hazardous agents present in the atmosphere. These agents cause several heart diseases and cause cancer. Lentils are the best source of polyphenols and other necessary nutrients. It improves cardiovascular health and also helps in the prevention of diabetes.
  • High protein content: you might be unaware that one cup of lentils contains approximately up to 18gms of protein. Compared to other sources of protein lentils are easily digestible and have other vital nutrients. You get protein along with magnesium and lower cholesterol levels.
  • One-third of iron content: it might sound strange but it’s true that one cup of lentils has about six milligrams of iron. This is the one-third proportion of iron content needed by the human body. Iron is necessary for better flow of oxygen in the bloodstream.
  • Lentils are fibrous: lentils have higher fibre content than other organic sources. The fibre plays a vital role in the management of digestive health and also regulates the weight management of the body. You almost get fifteen grams of fibre from one of the lentils.
  • Stronger bones: the calcium content is about thirty-seven grams in one cup of lentils. Calcium is necessary for stronger bones and when aging calcium plays a crucial role in the management of several physical activities.
  • We also added Full Spectrum CBD oil as it is an amazing health supplement to take care of your overall health. CBD oil is well known for its medicinal properties and is helpful in relieving health issues like pain, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and a lot more. Adding CBD Oil to your recipe will make it much healthier food.

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  •   Good source of Magnesium: anxiety and restlessness generally lead to lack of sleep. Magnesium intake resolves the problem to a greater extent. It allows you to sleep soundly.
  •   Contains Folic acid: folic acid is very important for pregnant women. To overcome the birth defects one should regularly intake folic acid present in different sources (lentils).

Having too much of vegan lentil soup can have an adverse effect as you might know that exceeding the adequate amount of quantity has side effects. Too much intake could cause inflammation and upset stomach.

Other recipes which you can prepare:

  • Lentils with salad: for that, you could boil the lentils as guided above and add on to the salad. Just spread the lentils on the salad and add black pepper and salt. The taste will leave you amazed.
  • Add lentils to noodles: you could boil the lentils along with the noodles and add veggies for a better taste.

Though lentils are easy to add to your diet for morning breakfast but should be consumed in an adequate amount. Presence of vitamins and minerals makes it extraordinary. Children also enjoy the taste of the vegan soup if cooked properly. You can add this vegan soup to your morning routine for a perfect shape and providing a good source of protein to your body.

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